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"2060" is a domestic original animation image stage competition program launched by Jiangsu Satellite TV in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Mr. Tang Yan was invited to serve as the chief director of the program. From creativity to content, from art to technology, he carried out all-round control of the program. Together with the director and program production team of Jiangsu Satellite TV, he fully supported and cooperated with Jiangsu Satellite TV. Together, they created a ten-episode season, each of which achieved the No. 1 rating in the same period.

The program was praised by the Globe Times in an article titled "Virtual TV show debuts in China, building a new stage for animation producers". At the "Global TV Trend Forum 2022: London Annual Conference" organized by the French Media Geometry Group, one of the world's largest media consulting companies, and the "Global TV Annual Summary: Latest Ratings" forum held at the 2022 French Spring Cannes TV Festival , the program "2060" was highly recommended.

At the 27th Asian Television Awards in 2022, "2060" won the honor of "Best Entertainment Program" at the Asian Television Awards.

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